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The Youngest Wise Man: a poem by Guy Sudano

A red heart in the midst of the night sky dense with stars, image by Fine Mayer, on Pixabay.

heart in the night sky, image by Fine Mayer, on Pixabay

The Youngest Wise Man

Magi, hold that camel train,

don't leave me here behind.

I don’t care how I get there,

whether I walk or ride.

You say there's a star in the sky

that's never been seen before—

I watch it every night

till I can't stay awake anymore.

I'll never have this chance again.

Please, take me along with you—

I have heard your stories

and I believe they're true.

You say there is a King,

He has no crown or throne—

and he will wander this world

without a place to call his own.

You say he's waiting for us

somewhere under that star—

and he will welcome all of us,

no matter who we are.

You speak of signs and wonders

in the sky and in the land.

It's the promise of the prophets

and now it's close at hand.

I’ve said all my goodbyes

and I’ve packed up all my gear.

I've waited for this all my life—

nothing’s going to keep me here.

No matter what waits before us,

we will get there just the same.

It's the dream of a lifetime

that will never come again.

Guy Sudano is a Californian by birth, a native of Los Angeles. He’s been writing—

lyrics and poems—for many years without being published or seeking to be. His reconversion took place at 32 and remains active. “I hope you like the words.”

(December 2023 issue)

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Dec 18, 2023

A charming story in poetic form.

Replying to

Thak you for your kind words about the song/poem. it's really a song, but for what it's worth, there it is.

G Sudano

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