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Watermarks: two poems by Maria Justa Polotan

Raindrops sliding down a window, with a blurry image of possibly a house and trees, image by Bogdan Korneker, on Pixabay.

rain through window, image by Bogdan Korneker, on Pixabay


Beads of water gliding down glass,

Trace solitary paths on a crystal sheet,

Like tears they slide, relentless yet gentle,

Nurturing some unforgotten sorrow.



And like your kiss, the summer ends,

A sweet-sung melody floating in air

Clings to the last rays of watery sun.

Farewell seems apropos,

But reluctance is a braver choice.

I'll wait for the downpour instead.

Maria Justa Polotan is semi-retired music teacher. Music

and writing have been the twin passions of her life since

high school, but she could choose only one to focus on

in college and chose the former. She wrote very sparingly

since graduating, but when the pandemic and consequent lockdown came, the "work from home schedule" gave her

a lot of free time, so she decided to pick up the pen once more. Maria lives in the Philippines. 

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