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white lavender, by Kate Copeland

lavender and white lavender, image by Hans Braxmeier, on Pixabay

white lavender

when i don't know what to think

and my heavy heart carries

away on heavy legs; a winter of love

with cold air and hot water—

when i do feel somewhat quicksandy

and catch the shadows sparkle in

those green eyes, a brightness mixed

with blues,

that's when

i lean my head back and see the crisp

cripple sky covered in stars, regaining strength

for a new summer to come; i see a God painting

a purple underneath the waves of white lavender.

when you want to know what i think:

i collect cornered cities, perfect clouds and colourwaves

precious days ahead.

i listen to songs in which stones sing of horizons

i think love in a life.

The sea stays a longing place

whereas i will return soon

i know.

Kate Copeland started absorbing stories ever since a little lass.

Her love for words led her to teaching and translating some dear

languages; her love for art and writing led her to poetry...with some

publications sealed already! She was born in Rotterdam some 51

years ago and adores house sitting in Spain at the moment.

May 2021 issue

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