About Spirit Fire Review



         Our goal is to celebrate the presence and love of God, each other, 
         and the magnificence of life through the beauty and power of

         poetry, creative nonfiction, visual art, and music.

         This is a Christian journal, and our goal is to glorify God; that being

         said, doubters welcome, seekers welcome, believers, non-believers, 
         other-believers are welcome. So are the curious, and those who 

         just happened by. 

         We publish poetry, essays, personal experience, artwork, music –

         creative work that glorifies God either directly by topic, or simply 

         by the beauty of its expression.


         Some pieces are specifically about Jesus and, of course, they are

         welcome. But some speak of the beauty of nature, and that reminds

         us of God’s handiwork. Some share about trials and sorrow, and 
         we remember that the Lord is our comfort. 

         Others express love, ask questions, share their hope, wonder, or 
         the struggle of trying to find one’s role in this world. And we are

         reminded again that God is big enough to deal with all of it.

         We are currently seeking submissions of poetry, nonfiction,  and

         visual art, including photography. See our Submissions page.

         We hope you will join us by reading, sharing, and submitting your

         own experiences and work to Spirit Fire Review. 

         God is "a rewarder of those who seek him" (Hebrews 11:6).  


   Though there is darkness in the world, please join us in being a light!



                        Welcome to Spirit Fire Review!