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Best of the Net nominations from Spirit Fire Review

Photo: big, bright bouquet of multiple kinds of flowers, sunflower, daisies, roses, in orange, yellow, red, white, blue, and ferns for greenery, tied with a yellow bow, image by Michelle Raponi, on Pixabay, modified.

bouquet of flowers, image by Michelle Raponi, on Pixabay

Congratulations to those who have been nominated by Spirit Fire Review

this year for The Best of the Net anthology. The process of choosing which

pieces to nominate was really tough! Of course, that speaks to the quality

of our contributors' work.

The Nominees


Bob MacKenzie, for "the boardwalk"

Carl Scharwath, for "We All Have a Guardian Angel"


Jessamyn Rains, for "Glimpses of the Cross"

Kelly Moyer, for "Let Me Be a Bluebell"


Nicole Rollender, for "The Etymology of Sanctuary”

Brian Kates, for “Signs and Wonders”

Juan Pablo Mobili, for “Atlas of My World”

Kim Welliver, for "Thriving"

Phil Flott, for "Dad, Praying"

Sean O'Neill, for "Memorare"

Thank you to all of our contributors and, again, congratulations to the nominees!


September, 2023

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