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New Issue of Spirit Fire Review! March 2022

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

fuchsia, image by jorgland24, on Pixabay

Welcome to Spirit Fire Review's newest issue! I'm excited that half of our contributors to this issue are new to us, and half are those who have published with us before!

Please believe me when I say we are so happy to "meet" new contributors and to welcome back those who have previously graced this journal with their creativity.

Why are people creative? God has made us in His own image (Genesis 1:26-27), to love, to worship Him, to be creative, to glorify Him with all that we are.

As Joe Bisicchia (one of those new contributors I mentioned) writes in one of his poems included in this issue, "Let us be what we are made to be."

What Love Can Be, by Joe Bisicchia

Bread Haiku, by Kim Deslaurier

Harvest, poems by Mark Weinrich

Living in a Dry Land, poems by Nolo Segundo

Where Saints Dwell, by Therese Kosterman

An Angel at the Door, by Adiela Akoo

Vespers and Old Gates, poems by Lyndi Waters

Seeing Angels Everywhere, by Nolcha Fox

An Affair with Love, poem by Michael H. Brownstein

Choice, a haiku by EG Ted Davis

Benediction, two poems by Carol Farnsworth

Round Trip, poem by Ernie Tamminga

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