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New Issue of Spirit Fire Review: March 2023

abstract painting, turquoise, pink, purple, and gold spilling like a waterfall, image by Nika Akin, on Pixabay.

abstract painting, image by Nika Akin, modified

So glad to share with you another collection of beautiful work in this issue

of Spirit Fire Review! From Canada to Cyprus, from the U. S. to Ukraine,

a wonderful variety of poetry, art, essay, and personal narrative.

Striking photography and "paintography," along with writings that give us

glimpses into struggles, griefs and triumphs, faith and joy. Two main

themes seem to run though this issue: humility and gratitude.

So, thank you to our readers for joining us. And thank you to the contributors

who have shared their experiences, their knowledge and, even more

important, their wisdom---like this, from writer Rolyat Mosi:

"Love boldly in the span between life’s sunrise and sunset."

Welcome to Spirit Fire Review!

MARCH 2023, Table of Contents

Glimpses of the Cross by Jessamyn Rains

Two poems by Ryan Keating

Poem and photography by Bob MacKenzie

Paintography: artwork by Carl Scharwath

Atlas of My World: poems by Juan Pablo Mobili

Between the Bells: poems by Mykyta Ryzhykh

Kindling: poem by Maria Justa Polotan

Contemplate His Words by E. G. Ted Davis

On the Hot Springs Trail by Katherine Leonard

Aging: poem by R.T. Sedgwick

Three Poems by Mark Weinrich

Human Evolution: A Fairy Tale? by Christopher Fernandez

Like Lazarus by Carol Farnsworth

Because I Am Thankful by Sandra Arnone

Heal Me, Oh Lord: three poems by Rolyat Mosi

Let Me Be a Bluebell: personal narrative by Kelly Moyer

Glory to God!

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