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December 2021 Issue: Christmas Blessings!

image by Biblical Paint, on Pixabay

So thankful to share with you this issue of Spirit Fire Review,

featuring work by friends new and old. From despair to hiccups,

from the beauty of hands to the possibility of hope even in grief,

explore and enjoy with us the many gifts in our December issue.

As we journey through autumn toward winter, discover a painting

of a truly unique sunflower and how we can share God's love

while waiting in line. Travel from cathedral to manger to the heart

of Christmas, as we celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus. He is

our hope! Merry Christmas!

December 2021 issue:

Five Haiku, by Kim Deslaurier

Two Poems by EG Ted Davis

These Old Hands, by Christopher Matthew Thomas

The Leap: Four Poems by Nolo Segundo

Attitude and Atmosphere: by Janine Pickett

She, a poem by Heath Brougher

Mama's Hands, by Becky Parker

Two Poems by Veronica Michalowski

On a Path: a poem and four paintings by James Eric Watkins

Two Poems by Brian Kates

Morning's Jubilation: Poems by Mark Weinrich

Secret, poem by Fabrice Poussin

Circle of Hope: two poems by Robert Pegel

Ultimate Cathedral, poem by Richard Bunce

A Christmas Meditation

Advent Prayer, by Lucia Walton Robinson


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